Turtle Doves in Magnolia Tree


I.M. Spadecaller

Turtle Doves in Magnolia Tree
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Turtle Doves in Magnolia Tree
Two doves represent enduring, ever-faithful love. The symbol originated because doves mate for life and spend a lot of time engaging in affectionate behaviors. The two-dove symbol predates Christianity and has been found on ancient coins, monuments and catacombs. It is also found in my artwork and many other artists throughout history. This is a digital painting and composite copyrighted by Matthew Schwartz on 8.23.2016. All Spadecaller artwork posted on Imagekind, Fine Art America, Facebook, and elsewhere is copyright protected. Permission to copy, appropriate, reclaim, alter, or otherwise distribute, display, or sell is prohibited.
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Paper: Enhanced Matte
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Frame: Wide Square Black
Size: 17.5" x 14.2"
Paper: Enhanced Matte
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PaulCoco ::
August 23, 2016
It is always such a pleasure to view your wonderful works of art!

Kirtdtisdale ::
August 23, 2016
Beautifully done my friend!!

ecolosimo ::
August 26, 2016
Spectacular work; very creative.

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