Mandarin Ducks and Wild Iris


I.M. Spadecaller

Mandarin Ducks and Wild Iris
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Mandarin Ducks and Wild Iris
The mandarin duck is a perching duck species native to China and Japan. It is closely related to the North American wood duck. The mandarin duck is a symbol of fidelity and great love in China and Korea because of its monogamous mating habits. This beautiful bird can be found in Eastern Asia, China, Russia, Europe and certain parts of North America. Isolated populations exist in the United States. Black Mountain, North Carolina has a limited population, and there is a free-flying feral population of several hundred mandarins in Sonoma County, California. Populations of feral mandarin ducks originate from ducks that escape captivity, and then reproduce in the wild. These ducks can survive in many diverse habitats. However, it usually inhabits areas near lakes, ponds and rivers. Their beauty and symbolism has made them a favorite subject of artists since ancient times in China and Japan. This is a digital painting and photo composite.
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artsandi ::
August 30, 2017
Remarkably wow - Favorite

spadecaller ::
September 19, 2017
Thanks Sandi!

PaulCoco ::
August 31, 2017
Superb, as always.

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