Rain Bird in Magnolia Tree


I.M. Spadecaller

Rain Bird in Magnolia Tree
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Rain Bird in Magnolia Tree
This digital painting showcases a magnolia tree with Spadecaller’s vision of the rain bird found in Chinese mythology. The Shangyang in Chinese mythology was a rain bird. The bird was chiefly associated with the Lord of Rain. The legend of Shangyang recalls when the bird visited the royal court and performed a dance on its one leg. To interpret the extraordinary dance, an emissary was sent to Confucius, who revealed the bird’s message. The bird’s dance had described the coming of a catastrophic rain storm. Confucius recommended building drainage basins and the raising of dikes. Those that followed the sage’s advice were spared calamity, but the communities that failed to follow the advice received heavy damage. The legendary story of the rain bird is used to illustrate the folly of those who ignore the words of the wise.
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Paper: Enhanced Matte
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Frame: Wide Square Black
Size: 15.0" x 17.5"
Paper: Enhanced Matte
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artsandi ::
August 10, 2017
Marvelous - Favorite

spadecaller ::
August 11, 2017
Thanks very much, Sandi!

PaulCoco ::
August 11, 2017
It's another Spadecaller. No need to say anything else.

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