Wild Turkeys in Birch Tree Forest


I.M. Spadecaller

Wild Turkeys in Birch Tree Forest
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Wild Turkeys in Birch Tree Forest
The wild turkey is an upland ground bird native only to North and Central America. It was first identified by Europeans in Mexico in the early 1500s. Besieged by hunting and widespread habitat destruction, the wild turkey population decreased to less than 30,000 birds by 1930. Over the next 50 years, the National Wild Turkey Federation working in association with state wildlife agencies were responsible for catching and releasing more than 200,000 wild turkeys into suitable habitats. Roaming the woodlands across America today are more than 7 million wild turkeys. “Wild Turkeys in Birch Tree Forest” is a Spadecaller digital painting and photo composite. Copyrighted: 8/25/3017 to Matthew Schwartz / Spadecaller.
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