Spade's Yellow Canna Lily


I.M. Spadecaller

Spade's Yellow Canna Lily
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Spade's Yellow Canna Lily
Canna lily plants are large tropical and subtropical perennial herbs. The canna was one of the earliest domesticated plants in the Americas. Commonly called achira in Latin America, it was cultivated by Native Americans in tropical America for thousands of years, because of its starchy edible root and many other benefits. All Canna species that were introduced into Europe can be traced back to the Americas. The canna lily is one of the most popular garden plants. Its uses are extensive and varied. It is used as a food source for humans and livestock, decorative beads, purple dye for coloring fabric, and as a fiber for making paper. The Vietnamese make cellophane noodles and in Thailand canna lilies are a traditional gift for Father’s Day. Above all, the bold and brilliant blooms make it a favorite addition to the finest gardens.
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artsandi ::
May 16, 2017
Lovely - Favorite

spadecaller ::
May 18, 2017
Thanks Sandi!

PaulCoco ::
May 17, 2017
When viewing your images, perfection is not unexpected. They are always superbly crafted.

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